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A caravan or motorhome vacation is a far superior experience to a simple hotel vacation. Dare to dream and we will turn your dream into reality and bring joy to your family's vacation. The RO-CAMPER team is at your disposal with the widest range of caravans and caravans for rent in Romania. Choose Motorhome for rent or caravan rental with delivery in Bucharest or Galati .

"[...] An extraordinary experience from all points of view. We highly recommend the RoCamper team. Thank you!"
Emil Ciucur, DJ Radio ZU - 15.06.2020

Benefits Motorhome for rent si rulote

Charm - you experience unique moments in such a journey. Because every trip brings a story.

Unique experience you have to try at least once in your life! Nothing compares to the joy of discovering beautiful landscapes and living unforgettable moments.

Comfort that you take with you, wherever you go. Fully furnished and equipped, compact and friendly.

Driving is surprisingly easy. You get used to it very quickly! It is enough to have a category B card.

Mobility that you will have. You stop where you like, when you like and enjoy your vacation without worrying about returning to the hotel in the evening.

Motorhome for rent

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Luxury Ahorn
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5 star hotel on wheels that offers you an uncompromising holiday!
Approved for 6 people (6 seats with belts). It has 3 beds.
Advantages: Comfort, Features, Quality, Style
Caravan location: Bucharest
Motorhome Delux
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Extremely spacious and comfortable, 3 beds, the largest possible refrigerator on a caravan, air conditioning, etc.
Advantages: maximum comfort, top of the range, extremely spacious
Motorhome location: Bucharest
Motorhome Premium
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Motorhome is equipped with an automatic gearbox that offers a relaxing holiday even for the driver!
Approved for 5 people (5 seats with belts). Carefully prepared, Premium motorhome has everything you need for a carefree holiday.
Advantages: comfort, Features, automatic transmission
Motorhome location: Galati
Motorhome "Aussie"
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A dream vacation in the middle of nature awaits you!
Advantages: Price mic, Features, solar panel, etc.
Motorhome location: Bucharest
Motorhome "Lux Off Road"
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Features level at high standards for maximum comfort even in the middle of nature, where no one manages to get there with an ordinary car.
Advantages: Off-Road, Features
Motorhome location: Galati
Lottie the Vantoon
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The only graffiti in the world by Si Mitchell (UK no.1 graffiti artist).
It catches the eye like a magnet ~
The most interesting vacation of your life! Perfect for a marriage proposal, a special occasion, a romantic weekend. It is a unique machine in the world. For connoisseurs.
Advantages: unique, fun, cool, attraction, unique experience, classic.
Motorhome location: Galati

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Insurance and rovinieta

RCA insurance and rovinieta are included in the rental price

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Free Option

Camping water hose and power cable

Paid services

Advance Handing over

One night before: 40% cost / day


Special mirrors: 2 / day
Solar panel: 7 / day

Extra Comfort caravans

Air conditioning: 8 / day. Tent / pavilion: 7 / day

Additional features

Camping set: 2 / day (min. 10 / stay)
Grill: 2 / day

Itineraries and camping
How do I choose a suitable itinerary?

We'll help you plan your perfect vacation. Contact us by phone or email ( Contact )

Conditions and information
The category B driving license is enough for any of the caravans rented from
Your safety is our priority! Motorhomes and caravans are disinfected with products accredited by the Ministry of Health: Motorhomes and caravans are disinfected with products accredited by the Ministry of Health: National Register of Biocidal Products . br We use 2 special sanitation devices: with disinfectant and ozone.
In general, a caravan consumes about 11 l / 100 km , depending on load and driving style.
If you want to bring the caravan / caravan at a later time than the pick-up time, a direct percentage will be paid with the number of hours that constitute the difference between delivery and takeover; calculated from the daily rental price.
Motorways can be driven outside Romania as well. You just have to let us know in order to prepare the documents.
If it does not affect another customer, the caravans can be delivered the previous night for the amount representing half of the price of a rental day
Due to many unpleasant and costly experiences, pets are NOT allowed in motorhomes / caravans
Above the limit of 400km / day calculated as an average for the whole stay you pay 0.3€ / km
The minimum rental period is 3 days in the off-season and 5 days in the season (summer)

How to rent

First step
Call 0759.115.458 to discuss details.
Second step
Use the "Check availability and rent now" button! from each caravan / caravan and fill in the necessary data to generate the contract and the invoice.
As soon as possible you will receive the contract and the invoice by email.
For cost transparency, the rental cost, sanitation fee and refundable warranty will be shown separately on the invoice.
The third step
Pay the bill in full if it is less than 30 days. Otherwise, pay 30% in advance.
Sign the contract and send it scanned back to together with proof of payment.
Only after we receive the email with the senate contract and proof of payment will the reservation be considered confirmed.
The refundable guarantee is also paid into the bank account together with the rent payment. It will be returned to the customer on return to the customer's account according to the contract.
Cash is NOT accepted!

We look forward to seeing you at 0759.115.458 . Dedicated service 24/7.

Chat directly using the bottom right of the webpage

Handing over in Bucharest or Galati

Testimonials for caravan rental

We are very attentive to the feedback we receive from our customers, in order to constantly improve our services. f.
We do not want to be just a company that rents caravans and caravans, but to offer the perfect vacation to all our customers.

Andreea C. from Bucharest
Holidays in the areas of Braov and Transylvania, between 21.10.2019 - 27.10.2019

I was with the caravan for the first time, together with my family. It was one of the most successful vacations of my life. This holiday I managed to see more beautiful places than I did in the other holidays together.

Florentina P. din Gala i
Vidraru and Blea Lac, between 16.09.2019 - 22.09.2019

It was really fun and adventure! I admit that I did not expect! We had a wonderful time with my future wife :) We will rent again; And in the "honeymoon" we will visit Europe!